Comm Studies 355: Audience Analysis. This course examines the theories and methods used to understand digital media consumption, emphasizing quantitative research and macro-level phenomena. Emerging patterns of consumption are assessed in the context of marketing, social effects and public policy. Syllabus

    Comm Studies 455: Current Issues in Audience Studies. This course offers a survey of different traditions in audience studies, reflecting the literature in social science and cultural studies. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding digital media use and how audiences are constructed as markets and publics. Syllabus

    Media Technology & Society 525 Understanding Media Markets. Digital media create a marketplace where an endless number of options compete for a limited supply of public attention – an environment where building audiences is a prerequisite for making money or exercising influence. This course explains how the preferences and habits of media users, the strategies and constraints of media makers, and the growing prevalence of media metrics form a dynamic marketplace that shapes public attention. Topics include theories of media choice, the role of social networks, sharing economies, audience-making strategies, bias in measurement, recommender systems, big data, audience fragmentation, and the marketplace of ideas. Syllabus